Have you considered ‘Imagineering’ your planning submissions and property marketing material?

Imagineering is where Imaging and Engineering meet to produce engaging digital content for all stages of a property lifecycle.


We can create life-like experiences of any unbuilt and built environment helping all stakeholders really imagine a property and what it is like to be there.

Imagineering solutions:

Virtual Staging
Virtual Renovation
Architectural CGI Renders
Promo Animated Video
Digital 3D Twin of existing building
3D Floorplans

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CG Video Animation

Promote your building before you lay a brick.

Using artifical intelligence and 3D visualisation we can accelerate your sales and streamline project workflow by providing a real glimpse into the world you are building. The architectural movie takes the audience on a tour around the property as if it were already built. It shows surroundings, exterior design, walks the viewer through the building.

We can take you to places that don’t exist yet.


Virtual Staging

Visualise an empty space before actually furnishing it. 

Virtual Staging is about presenting a property in the most appealing way to potential buyers, using realistic digital images of furniture placed into photos of your property.

About 5% – 10% of online real estate listings use virtual staging. 

90% cheaper than traditional home staging


24 – 48hr turnaround time

Virtual Renovation

Visualise new under construction/renovation spaces with our digital renovation service. Start with a photo and we do the rest.

From This to This

  • Add Pool Only
  • Add Pool Surrounds (includes pool furniture, safety fencing, paving, concrete or decking connected to the pool itself)

What We Did

  • Add or Complete Kitchen or Bathroom Fit Out (includes essential fixtures and structures e.g. Cabinets, Bench tops, splashback, etc. as well as standard accessories)
  • Add/Replace Interior Fixtures (e.g. door, windows, shutters, lights or fireplace)

How We Did It

  • Replace exterior walls (change the texture of existing exterior walls)
  • Add Full Landscaping (includes lawn/grass, plants, garden beds, hedges, trees, driveways)
  • Remove existing Furniture or Building supplies (declutter an outdoor area)

How We Did It

  • Replace Flooring
  • Replace Walls
  • Replace Ceilings
  • Add/Replace Fixtures
  • Add or Complete Office Fit Out

Architectural Renders / CGI

Our architectural Computer Generated Images of interior and exterior are thoughtfully constructed to best showcase your vision.

3D Floorplans

Almost as good as walking through the property, a 3D full color floor plan shows the home to a potential buyer in greater detail.

From demonstrating the flooring transitions to which way a door swings, a 3D full color floor plan will show off a property and help attract top quality buyers.

Digital Twin 3D Tour

Give your guests a complete True 3D walk-through of your property and drive higher occupancy rates.

Imagine the benefits of exciting your guests before they book. Be more discoverable on Google Maps. We’ll gladly discuss the process and benefits of immersive 3D tours for any resort space you have. 

Arrange for an Imagineer to visit the property and agree all features to capture, including 360º exterior shots. The dollshouse view, floorplan and 3D walkthrough are provided as standard on all models. The complete scan is available within 24hrs.

We send you an email containing an embed code of the 3D tour. This allows you to add the content into your existing website just as you would a YouTube or Vimeo video. 3D virtual tours can also be converted for viewing on VR headsets.

Going far beyond just photographs and 360 tours, a 3D walkthrough enables your guests to experience your property as if they were really there, separating your property from the countless others using traditional photo capture methods.

Create a better booking experience

Increase web engagement by as much as 15%

Increase conversion to bookings by as much as 14%

Get a suite of assets with 3D walk-throughs, 4K print quality photography, and more

Share with ease ⁠— it’s as easy as sharing a YouTube video


Does Virtual Staging and Renovation really take 48 hours?

Yes. We have teams operating around the world operating, using best-in-class CGI and interior design packages to design and complete your images.

How do I brief you?

Call us on 01832 280 878 or send us an email. We will capture your requirement in a briefing document, confirm it with you and then get to work. 

What file-format should I submit?

We accept any image format; JPEG, PDF, TIFF. Please ensure there is enough aspect and space in the image to add the furniture you require. 

For CGI renders we prefer to receive DWG, CAD and 3D Max files ideally.

Can I make any changes?

Yes of course. You have 2 design reviews before we send the completed image. 

What is your minimum order quantity?

You can order as many as you like. Some clients like different layouts for different types of customers; for example bachelor pad, or family.

Let’s Start Imagineering

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