Our Story

Our Story

Imagineer is the brain-child of Angus Norriss. After 20 years’ of working across multiple industries, with the finest talent, he gathered his little bag and headed back to his Shire of Stamford, Lincolnshire. From there he continues to think, adopt and apply emerging technology to help any business embrace digital technology to help them success faster.

Our mantra is to help you understand the disruptive digital landscape and how to use it to your advantage.

We balance the opportunities afforded by technology with the real value it creates for businesses and consumers.


Industry Awards

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Experience Counts

Imagineer has distinguished positioning borne out of our more than 20-year investment in thought leadership, comprehensive methods, innovative assets and industry specialisation.

 An on-demand global network of leading digital talent 

Our 20 years of experience across more than 40 industries brings you the right mix of skills to make a real impact on your business’ performance.

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