Marketecture Guide

unveil the secrets used by leading architects and marketers to sell unbuilt property.

Simple techniques used by leading architects and marketers to reach more audiences easily and sell off-plan property faster than their competitors.



curious about how to fuse architecture and marketing teams?


We bridge Architectural Vision and Marketing Strategy

The Architect

Jargon; Schematics, General Arrangements, Building Envelope, Structural Integrity, Environmental, Social Governance (ESG), Digital Twins.

AutoCAD, DWG, Revit, 3DSMax, SketchUP

The Imagineer

We’re qualified in both disciplines.

We bridge technical workflows, building collaboration with shared visions.

We ‘Imagineer’ the differences.

The Marketer

Jargon; Marketing Campaigns, Customer Journeys, Customer Personas, Brand Conversion Rates, ROI, Net Promoter Scores, Brand Positioning.


We blend the art of architectural visualisation with the power of storytelling to create immersive experiences that resonate deeply with audiences.


We are: Architects, Marketers, Designers,  Techies and Tinkerers 

We specialize in crafting hyper-realistic visual experiences, from still imagery to cutting-edge VR/AR and shared immersive environments.

Our expertise lies in the understanding of architectural practices, adopting emerging tech trends and seamlessly connecting marketing teams, ideas and environments with solutions that work.

CGIs   |   Fly-throughs   |   Drone Films   | Virtual Tours   |   3D Models

see it in action


the results

Sales teams can conduct ‘Live Guided Video viewings’ remotely or in-person.

The tour is loaded on to iPads, and mounted on to touchscreens in marketing suites.

It provides immersive, photorealistic CGI 360s of all Club areas.

Customers see what they are joining several months before it is actually built.

By doing this the buyers feel more confident in their purchase, they can visualise what they are buying and the benefits it brings.

Customers beat waiting lists, guaranteeing early bird promotions and experience a true replica of their purchase.

No surprises.

On Day 1, 48 Live Guided Video viewings were conducted.



42 new members joined.

In this groundbreaking guide, renowned architectural visualisation and digital marketing expert, Angus Norriss (Imagineer, Co-Founder), unveils a treasure trove of innovative techniques and secrets that will revolutionise the way you present your property portfolio. With a focus on infusing interaction and intrigue into your architectural visualisations, this book offers a fresh perspective and hands-on approach to take assist your teams in taking your projects to an entirely new level.

Through the carefully curated chapters, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery, learning techniques from across a 3D CGI spectrum to reach more audiences.  Each chapter contains real-life examples to inspire and guide you along the way.

“Constructing The Virtual” goes beyond the traditional boundaries of architectural rendering, exploring unconventional ideas that push the limits of design. Delve into the chapters on Hero Views, alluring atmospheres, and 360º CGI arrangements that provide such photorealism that they leave a lasting impression.

Whether you are a seasoned architectural professional seeking to revitalize your portfolio or a budding marketer aiming to make a bold statement, this ebook will inspire you to transform your visualisations into compelling works of art. Unlock the power of seductive storytelling and enthral your clients, stakeholders, and viewers with your next presentation.

With its photorealistic CGI illustrations, engaging prose, and practical techniques, “Constructing The Virtual” is a must-have resource for anyone seeking to inject and newness into their architectural projects.


Angus provided strong vision and action-oriented approach on all the Disney comms/media plans that he was tasked with. He provided originality, challenged our thinking and became a key part of our internal team.

David Walton
Director, Brand & Commercial Strategy
The Walt Disney Company

Wow, hall of fame capture!

We’ll go with Path 1. Nothing to offer but complements.

Yves Sallat
Program Manager

Imagineer approached our brief with a difference which amazed our team. By introducing us to emerging technology such as drone mapping, aerial imagery, 3DVR and video casting they have injected real edge to our digital transformation programme across our offices.

Jordi Sardinal
General Manager

The expertise, experience, and support from the team at Imagineer Consulting have been exceptional. Angus has helped us think differently by using clever design and technology to deliver some remarkable results. It has been a real pleasure working with the team and we look forward to future projects.

Claire Bettles
Head of Digital Joining

Embrace this opportunity to remove the boundaries that hinder departmental teams and connect the Imagineers around you.

Download your copy today and embark on an extraordinary journey of visual ideas that will elevate your designs to unimaginable heights.


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