Matterport Tours – Virtual Staging

Virtually Stage Any Matterport Tour

Virtual Staging software for Matterport enables you to directly embed 3D furniture and other 3D objects into your Matterport Virtual tours, it allows the virtual staging of unfurnished properties as well as enhancing your Digital Twins with an endless assortment of reonvations.

Imagineer offers an internal library of dozens of 3D furniture materials that can be used in Matterport virtual staging. Imagineer is the best choice to create an immersive virtual office or house staging solution for your business.


How does it work?

Step 1: Upload a Matterport virtual tour to our Portal.

Step 2: Select from several interior design styles and find a perfect fit for your listing

Step 3: Deliver the virtual tour fully virtually staged in true 3D.

Virtually interactive 3D walkthroughs for viewing properties

Transforming empty Matterport virtual tours into a property in a tasteful design that allows the purchaser to view the property in interactive 3D walk-throughs within the virtual reality Matterport virtual staging of Matterport virtual.


A 3D virtual tour is delivered to buyers by allowing them to customize their interiors to suit their tastes.

We can now virtually stage any Matterport tour, creating an immersive, fully furnished tour of any empty space.

  • Change Walls
  • Add Furniture
  • Add Lighting

You scan it. We design and manage it.

Change your reality

You can pick from a variety of interior design finishes, inspired and designed by professional designers and we’ll put it together for you.

  • Retro
  • Scandinavian
  • Industrial
  • Classic
  • Resort
  • Modern
  • Cafe
  • Spa

Download Interior Style Guide here

Virtual staging is an exceptional piece of art to leave a positive impression on buyers! 77% of agents think that staging brings the visualization closer to the buyer. 

Syed Asad Ali

Home & Garden

Why choose Virtual Staging of Matterport 3D virtual tours?

Studies suggest virtual 3d tour listings sell better and are less likely to be viewed than traditional listing homes. Immersive walkthroughs feel real. Make your website stand out from the crowd. Proven fast sale of your property. Unmatched experiences for buyer satisfaction.


Can you virtually stage a Matterport?

Virtual staging permits the placing of computer-made furniture on 3D models to create beautiful furnishings. We have the ability to virtual stage an asset using Matterport3D to create an immersive experience. It can be done using 2D images.


Can you add furniture to Matterport?

Yes. We can make changes to your house plans and help with other items such as furniture and appliances. We can Adapt the black and white floor plans for professional 2D floor plans. Matterports standard 3D floor plan includes furniture.


Do Realtors use virtually staged Matterport tours?

Realtors use virtually staged Matterport tours to sell more properties faster, get more commission. Almost half of sellers believe 3D tours can increase their business listings’ competitiveness.

Go beyond capturing reality, we can now change it to suit your audience.

Furnish the same space in 3 different styles; start Imagineering the possibilities with us.

Angus Norriss

Imagineer, Founder

Imagineer provide a professional service assisting Matterport owners to add another level to their service offering.

You will need to transfer your tour to us, we will stage it and once complete, we will transfer the tour back to you.

Pick out the interior theme you wish to have included in the different rooms. We will then manage the entire process of the production for you.

On completion we will transfer the Matterport space back to you. You can use this on any website, just like a normal Matterport tour.