Comparing the Benefits of a 360-Degree CGI Architectural Render versus a Static CGI

Comparing the Benefits of a 360-Degree CGI Architectural Render versus a Static CGI: Which is Right for You?

As a property developer or real estate agent, the presentation of off-plan properties plays a crucial role in closing deals. One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is choosing between a static CGI or a 360º CGI architectural render. Both options can effectively convey the design and layout of a property, but the latter boast several key advantages.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of a 360º render and why it’s the better option for showcasing off-plan developments.



Immersive and Interactive Experience

A 360º CGI architectural render provides a more immersive and interactive experience compared to a static render. With a 360º view, potential buyers can navigate around and explore every corner of the property virtually. This feature offers a better understanding of the space and layout of the property.

The interactive experience removes guessing games potential buyers may have, which results in a much more well-informed decision on their part.


More Realistic Representation of the Property

A 360º render enables clients to visualize themselves in the space, which produces a more realistic impression of the property. This feature is significantly beneficial when selling off-plan developments as potential buyers can connect with the property on a personal level. With a virtual experience like this, it’s significantly easier to create trust, and trust is everything when selling off-plan buildings.


Multiple Angles Can be Showcased

A significant advantage of a 360º CGI architectural render is being able to showcase different angles and perspectives of the property. This feature offers a comprehensive view of the property and can be crucial in closing a deal. With a comprehensive view, clients can appreciate the property’s design and layout, making it easy to imagine themselves living in the space.


Ability to Create Virtual Tours

The 360º render is perfect for creating virtual tours. With this, potential buyers can virtually walk through the property and view it as if it was already constructed. This interactive feature can enable property developers or architects to showcase their work directly to their clients, offering innovative solutions to any queries they may have.

Enhanced Information with Hotspots and Pop-ups

Adding interactive information hotspots and pop-ups to a 360º CGI architectural render can further strengthen the understanding and appreciation of the property’s design elements. These interactive features enable potential buyers to click on different areas of the property to obtain more detailed information about the specific materials used, the functionality of a particular space, or extra amenities included in the development. This can dramatically enhance the potential buyer’s interaction and engagement with the property, creating a deeper sense of connection and ownership. Furthermore, it allows property developers and architects to highlight unique selling points that might otherwise go unnoticed in regular property viewings. This can be a decisive factor in convincing potential buyers to make an investment, thereby accelerating the sale process.

Advanced 360º CGI architectural renders can be equipped with configurator settings, a feature that allows potential buyers to personalize the property by choosing from a variety of available finishes. These interactive settings can display everything from flooring options to wall colors, provided by the property developers. With the configurator settings, potential buyers can virtually outfit the space with their desired finishes and see how they would look in the actual property, thus creating a customized and immersive experience. From the developer’s perspective, this feature is invaluable as it allows them to gauge buyer preferences before committing to the purchase of custom finishes. As such, they can make more informed decisions, potentially saving significant amounts of money by avoiding expensive custom finishes that may not appeal to their buyer market.

By enabling buyers to interact and engage with the property at this level, developers can ensure a more effective and efficient use of resources while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Track Users Behaviour with Advance Analytics

In addition to the immersive and interactive experience provided, 360º CGI architectural renders can also incorporate advanced user analytics. These analytics can measure dwell time, or the duration a potential buyer spends exploring different areas of the property, providing valuable insights into which features attract the most attention and interest. Furthermore, these analytics can monitor Google level interactions – essentially tracking the user’s navigation and interaction within the virtual property. This includes data on the rooms or areas visited, the sequence of navigation, and any custom configurations made by the user. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of potential buyers’ behavior and preferences through these analytics, property developers can optimize and tailor their designs and marketing strategies to the needs and wants of their target market. This not only enhances the potential buyer’s experience but also improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the property development process.

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Incorporation of Live Video Viewings

A key benefit of the 360º render is the ability to incorporate Live Video Viewings into the virtual tours. This provides a real-time, interactive experience that allows potential buyers to ask questions and get immediate answers from the agents. It not only enhances the customer experience but also fosters a sense of transparency and trust. Live Video Viewings add a personal touch to the virtual experience, making potential buyers feel more connected to the property and facilitating their decision-making process.


Keeps Investors Informed and Engaged

360º CGI architectural renders offer an unparalleled advantage in keeping investors updated with the progress of the development. This technology enables real-time tracking and visualization of construction development stages. Investors can virtually visit the site, observing the changes and progress made, which instills a sense of involvement and assurance. This immersive experience enables investors to better understand the project’s status, encouraging continued investment and fostering a stronger investor-developer relationship.




Flexibility with Enhancements

the construction phase, property designs may change or experience enhancements. With a 360º CGI architectural render, the property visualization can be easily modified to meet changes portrayed in the design phase. This feature can enable developers to incorporate suggestions and feedback from their clients effectively. As a result, buyers can be more involved in the design process and feel valued by the developer, leading to increased customer satisfaction.


Ease of Accessibility

360º renderings are easily accessible through various devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. This accessibility increases the reach of virtual tours and enables potential buyers from anywhere in the world to view properties without physically being present. It also eliminates the need for in-person meetings and site visits, saving time and resources for both developers and potential buyers. This ease of accessibility makes property viewing more convenient and efficient, making it a desirable option for busy investors.




Sustainability Benefits of 360 Digital Twin

360 Digital Twin technology not only revolutionizes the real estate industry in terms of visualization and accessibility but also contributes significantly towards sustainable development. It reduces the need for physical materials in the design phase, minimizing waste and promoting efficient use of resources. By enabling virtual visits, it limits the carbon footprint associated with travel for site visits. Furthermore, its ability to adapt to design changes allows for optimal space utilization and energy-efficient planning, contributing to the creation of more sustainable buildings.

Sustainability has become a pressing concern in property development, with a growing emphasis on environmentally friendly construction methods, energy-efficient designs, and sustainable materials. Traditional methods of property development often overlook these considerations at the design stage, leading to higher energy consumption and increased environmental impact once the property is built. However, the advent of 360º CGI architectural renderings has initiated a paradigm shift in the way pre-build decisions are made.

These immersive visualizations allow developers, investors, and future occupants to preview the property and its environmental impacts before the construction begins.

Developers can simulate different scenarios, such as the building’s energy efficiency, water usage, and waste management, using virtual models. They can also experiment with alternative, sustainable materials and designs, assessing their feasibility and impact without incurring substantial costs or causing actual environmental harm.

Furthermore, these virtual tours can highlight the placements of windows, insulation, solar panels, and other green building elements, showing potential buyers the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable designs. In this manner, 360º renderings can play an instrumental role in promoting sustainable decisions in property development, aligning the industry with the broader goals of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Overall, this innovative technology fuses digital advancement with sustainable practices, paving the way for a greener future in real estate.


Costs and Timings of 360º CGI production

When it comes to comparing 360º CGI architectural renderings with traditional static CGIs, one must consider both the time and cost factors. While 360º CGI renderings require a more significant initial investment compared to static CGIs due to their high-tech nature and complexity, they often prove more cost-effective in the long run. This is primarily because they allow for virtual experimentation with designs and materials, reducing the likelihood of costly changes during the actual construction process.

In terms of timing, 360º CGI renderings tend to take longer to create initially due to the sophisticated technology involved and the need to generate a comprehensive and immersive representation of the proposed development. However, similar to costs, the time saved in the later stages of the project, due to fewer alterations and revisions, can often outweigh the initial time investment.

Thus, while static CGIs might seem less costly and quicker to produce initially, 360º CGI renderings can provide better value over the course of a project due to their potential to save time and costs during the actual construction phase.

360CGIs can accelerate Static CGI production, leading to cost savings by minimizing unnecessary expenses.

Switching from a 360° CGI to a static CGI is indeed a quicker process due to the comprehensive nature of the 360° model. With a 360° CGI, we’re given a complete view of the model from every angle, providing us with all the information needed to create a static CGI. This means there’s less need to continually adjust and edit the model, as is often the case when working from a static CGI. Instead, we can focus on refining specific details to create a more accurate and realistic image. This comprehensive perspective, coupled with the need for fewer revisions, results in a faster, more efficient production process when transitioning from a 360° CGI to a static CGI.

The Imagineer Cost Benefit Advantage

Imagineer has revolutionized the property development industry by adeptly producing both 360º CGI architectural renderings and traditional static CGIs. Leveraging their advanced software and technical know-how, they first create comprehensive 360º renderings. From these immersive designs, they can extract high-quality static renderings, effectively generating diverse promotional material from a single source. This streamlined process not only provides clients with a range of marketing material but also proves to be highly cost-effective. Since the creation of static materials from the 360º renders involves minor any additional designing or new concept creation, clients reap the benefits of both forms of renderings without a significant increase in cost. Therefore, Imagineer’s unique workflow system allows them to charge competitively while maintaining superior service quality.


Choosing between a static CGI and a 360º CGI architectural render can be overwhelming. Still, as a property developer, the techniques you use to showcase your designs to potential clients play a significant role in closing those sales. A 360º CGI architectural render offers countless benefits, such as creating an immersive and interactive experience, providing a realistic representation of the property, showcasing multiple angles, creating virtual tours, and offering flexibility during the construction phase.

At Imagineer Consulting, we have the capability to deliver high-quality and immersive 360º CGI architectural renders, ensuring that our clients can showcase their projects with utmost confidence and pride. With a 360º design, you’ll have the ultimate opportunity to offer an interactive and well-informed design-led experience for your clients.