How To Develop a 3D Masterplan Development in CGI

Visualising a large scale property development can often be very complex. However, with advances in architectural software, 3D platforms and digital viewers the experience can be smooth and very powerful.

This CGI reproduction of a medieval village demonstrates exactly that. It is fast to load, compatible on any device connected to the internet and provides an intuitive tailored interface to explore the development in more detail.

Each element was designed individually to ensure the total poly count was optimised so as not to produce too many but just enough (an important factor which determines quality of image and speed to load).



Technical Info

  • Albado textures
  • Opacity Maps
  • Triangles 677.4k
  • Quads 14k
  • Polygons 285
  • Total triangles 708.3k
So, what are the qualities that set 3D architectural visualisation professionals apart from amateurs?

#1. High Proficiency with Specialist Software

#2. Strong Artistic Skills

#3. Ability to Follow Instructions

#4. Experience with Architectural Documentation

#5. Strong Visualisation Techniques

#6. Excellent Communication and Teamwork Skills

#7. Organised and Timely


What’s this useful for?

  • Investor presentations
  • Planning Permission Guides
  • Community Information Sharing

Got a project to digitally twin?