Queen Elizabeth II birthplace 3D model

To commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday, we are sharing this beautiful 3D photogrammetry model to capture Bruton Street, her birthplace, as a 3D interactive model. Now, anyone with a computer can explore the Queen’s birthplace in minute detail, reading the plaque up close and examining all markings in minute detail.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21st, 1926, at 17 Bruton Street in London. Nestled in the heart of Mayfair, Bruton Street is one of the most coveted and expensive addresses in the city. While the building has been remodelled and updated over the years, it still holds an important place in British history. 17 Bruton Street is now home to an upmarket Chinese restaurant named Hakkasan, which features in numerous fine-dining guides and even has a Michelin star rating.

Completed in 2 Days

  • 182 images processed
  • Captured with Sony a7R III
  • Processed in Reality Capture Software

The 3D Model Itself
The 3D model of Bruton Street is incredibly detailed, right down lettering carvings and detailed stonemasonry. Users can explore the exterior of the model up close using any internet browser, no special software is required to view this.

How It Was Made
The team used a technique called photogrammetry to create the 3D model. This involves taking hundreds of photos from different angles and then using special software to stitch them all together into a single 3D image. The process of stitching is very technical and is done by using Reality Capture software.

Why It’s Important
This project is more than just a fun way to explore London’s history; it’s also an important part of preserving our heritage for future generations. Capturing historical buildings in this way ensures that they will be preserved digitally even if they are destroyed or altered beyond recognition in real life.

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