David Lloyd Club fly-through video drone and virtual tour


How can you bring our clubs to life before they are built?

That was the question put to us by Head of Digital Joining for David Lloyd Health Clubs earlier this year.

We responded with a comprehensive XR Strategy that implemented Virtual Reality, 360 Video, CGI imaging and finally mind-blowing cinematic fly-through drone content.

Imagineer were subsequently appointed to build a complete digital twin in CGI of their 101st Club in Bicester, Oxfordshire. Our strategy involved the complete 3D modelling from architectural drawings provided by the world renowned architectural firm Hadfield Cawkwell Davidson and production of a 360 virtual tour using Live Agent Video. We also modelled all equipment, matched interior design features from moodboards and photographed their latest Club in Cricklewood for ambience and contextual surface insight.

The Sales effort was implemented by integrating a Live Guided Video Calling solution inside the 360 Virtual TOur itself. Sales Agents can conduct remote tours of the premises from anywhere with up to 4 visitors joining via video chat. This is less disruptive than personal guided tours and can be scheduled throughout the day from anywhere way ahead of the finished build. Waiting Lists can be nurtured and converted with exciting shareable content many months before they see real Club.

The virtual tour is also installed in on iPads and TouchScreen monitors across their Marketing Suites.  Available offline, the tours can work from anywhere, loaded on to USB sticks for easy shareable transfer or downloaded directly to laptop for offline presentations.

Next-level architectural visualization today needs immersive customer interaction. Any thing less is just brochureware.

All Sports Zones


All Floors


Amazing flythrough of gym equipment


Maximise share of voice across digital channels


360º CGI Virtual Tour


Live Agent Video Tours


Touchscreen Monitors for Marketing Suites


It’s FPV Drone time

FPV stands for First Person View and is a popular term in the drone community. David Lloyd asked us to help launch their newest Club at Bicester. As part of the marketing launch we produced a fully immersive 360º CGI tour, providing Sales teams with an immersive experience with which they can provide tours before opening the Club to members of the public.

This engaging photorealistic virtual tour was produced using CGI technology. We received the architectural files and went to town producing realistic textures and objects handpicked by the interior designers of interior and exterior spaces in great detail. The tour can be experienced across any device without the need for any plugin or custom software.

Furthermore, the Marketing Suite has access to it on a large touchscreen monitor used for in-person tours.


In a world where everyone is fighting for attention, it’s more important than ever to find ways to stand out. CGI virtual tours and First person view (FPV) drone footage can help you stand out from your competition.


Video tours are effective marketing and communication tools because they provide a unique perspective that can engage viewers and help promote a product or service. They can also be used to give instructions or show how something works. When done well, video tours can be an impressive way to reach and connect with potential customers. Find out more about FPV Drone Marketing as one of our key services.


Make. Believe

360º CGI Virtual Tours Maximise Customer Experience Before Launch

CGI 360 virtual tours can help marketing launch of a new Club facility because they provide potential buyers with an immersive experience that can help them understand the layout and features of the Club. This can be especially helpful for properties that are new or have been recently renovated or totally new-build projects. Additionally, FPV video tours embedded inside the virtual tour or on your website can help to create a sense of urgency and interest in potential members.

Because Seeing Is Believing.


How are 360 CGI architectural renders made?

CGI architectural image renders are made using specialized software that allows for the creation of 3D images. This software can be used to create realistic images of buildings and other structures. Once the image is created, it can then be edited to add lighting, shadows, and other effects.

3D architectural renders are effective for marketing of unbuilt properties because they provide potential buyers with a realistic preview of what the property will look like when it is completed. This can help to generate interest and excitement in the property. Additionally, 3D renders can be used to show different design options for a property, which can helps to increase its appeal. Read Introduction to 3D Architectural 3D Animation for more info.

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